Tourism Dept Positions Philly as Land of Pleasures Untold


To drive people into the arms of Philly, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation gives us a print campaign called uwishunu ("You wish you knew" in ... hipster-language?) which, from what we can tell, is all about people trying to infiltrate Philadelphia entryways.

See variations one and two.

The tagline: "Let curiosity get the best of you."

Our curiosity is going, "What's the heroin quotient in Philly?"

by Angela Natividad    Comments (2)     File: Campaigns, Magazine, Packaging, Poster     Jan- 3-08     
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I think this is actually a pretty clever and progressive campaign for a destination. Nice blog too.

Posted by: Schrodinger's Copywriter on January 3, 2008 09:43 AM

I don't know, I'm from Philly and I think it's pretty lame. There's a lot of great things about the city and this doesn't even hint at them, plus for as strong as the imagery is it really doesn't say anything. I'd, of course, want to know who created these, for curiosity's sake.

Also, to answer the heroine question Angela posed... Philly was identified as having the purest heroine in the country several years ago. Hmmm...

Posted by: hGirle on January 3, 2008 07:54 PM

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