AdFemme's Lindsay Mure-O'Neill to Spice Up Datran


So Steve says, "But Lindsay, we never do hires/fires/career changes." Then Lindsay teases, "You want first dibs on letting the world know?" OK. We cave. Adrants to have a world exclusive on the where abouts of the [adjective redacted due to its possibly being misconstrued to focus upon beauty versus professional accomplishment] Queen AdFemme? We're all in.

Lindsay Mure-O'Neill founded AdFemme, a "community of women in advertising who network with each other online and at events to gain new contacts, clients, resources, employees and other femtastic connections." She's built the organization from little more than a single newsletter into an empire of content, resources and events for women working in many different industries and s now known as The Femme Network.

Recently, Lindsay was selected to participate in Forbes' Boost Your Business business plan contest. Today, she's headed over to Datran Media to take on the role of VP of Display Performance where she'll run the company's new behavioral division along with its Site Lifter.

She's not giving up on AdFemme and will continue to grow it along with Femmepire, a collection of educational programs for female entrepreneurs and The Coreg Insider, a resource for those involved in online lead generation which she will relaunch in April.

Onward and upward, Lindsay.

by Steve Hall    Feb- 6-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online   

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