Condom Maker Portrays Women As Sex Receptacles


OK, so.....are we to believe that Beate Uhse condoms are so good (or is it bad?) they can help a guy last so long he'd get bored of all that intense thrusting and just start playing games of Sudoku or connect-the-dots on the stomach or back of his sex receptacle? And yea, if all the guy is doing is pounding into the girl while playing games on her then, yes, she is being treated as a sex receptacle. So are we also to believe Beate Uhse thinks that's all women are good for? WTF?

Oh and, yea, we do get that the condoms can to make you last longer so your girl can have fun too and that entertaining your mind with anti-orgasm thoughts are often the only thing a guy can do to prevent himself from premature explosion but really. There's just something wrong with illustrating it in this fashion.

Check out more of the objectification here and here.

by Steve Hall    Feb-25-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Bad, Campaigns, Racy   

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