Denver Cooks Omelet, Absolut Succeeds, CMO Ambushes


- StrawberryFrog, The Wexley School for Girls, The Barbarian Group. Now we can add Omelet to the list of oddly named advertising companies.

- Hmm. It seems dumping its iconic bottle campaign was the right thing to do for Absolut which, last year, saw sales hit five millions cases, its highest ever.

- Rather than "Get some NYC Condom," Copyranter thinks New York's Department of Health condom campaign should, perhaps, read, "Get some wet, tight waxed pussy."

- Robert Rosenthal tells the all too familiar story of getting ambushed by a CMO's boss while the spineless CMO sat in the very same meeting without defending any of the direction he provided Rosenthal or pointing out the fact Rosenthal had invited the boss to participate in the campaign development process but was nixed by the aforementioned spineless CMO.

- Clos du Bois kisses and tells.

by Steve Hall    Feb-19-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Brands, Worst   

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