'Heavy Clicker' Profile Will (Probably Laughingly) Deceive You


According to a comScore study commissioned by Starcom and TACODA, online ad clicks aren't as demographically diverse as your deluded CEO thinks.

80 percent of them come from only 16 percent of online users. They are generally young, underpaid and male. You know, like the dev dork of yore.

The people that rack up 80 percent of your clicks are divided into two groups. This is them:

o Heavy clickers (which click on ads four or more times a month) constitute six percent of the online population and make up 50 percent of ad clicks.
o Moderate clickers (which click on ads two or three times a month) are 10 percent of the online population and make up 30 percent of ad clicks.

According to ClickZ, heavy clickers are almost evenly divided between men and women between ages 25 and 44. They generally make below $40,000 and are wont to visit auctions, gambling and career service sites. They spend five times more time online than non-ad-clickers.

Looks like behavioral targeting can't become the norm soon enough. TACODA must be creaming itself.

by Angela Natividad    Feb-18-08   Comments (0)    File: Bad, Online, Trends and Culture
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