Kit Kat Livens Up Cubicle Workers Depressing Day


JWT France has created a spectacularly engaging three minute video that encapsulates the life of a lowly cubicle worker, the mocking he receives from his coworkers, the glowering he receives from his boss and the relief he receives when he takes a break to grab a Kit Kat.

In the video, our lowly cubicle worker leaves behind the taunting co-workers, the menacing boss and even the office hottie (who the animators clearly had fun creating) for a life atop his office building which has grown to spacious heights offering a view of a solar system full of, yes, Nestle candy.

Once at the site, additional videos are available to view along with lushly photographed shots of Kit Kat creation complete with oozingly beautiful chocolate. It's all in French but it's one so well it doesn't matter what language it's in.

The initial video is available here as well as on the site. Isn't this way more fun than your average :30?

by Steve Hall    Feb-11-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Creative Commentary, Good, Video   

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