Pocket Change Speed Dating Gives Major Boost to Natural Selection

For men seeking rich older women, and older women hungry for pretty meat popsicles, check out Pocket Change.

This week Pocket Change is running a NYC-based event called Sugar Mama Speed Date, which puts a lowest-common-denominator twist on that speed dating thing. The application for men is totally appearance-based, and all entrants must be younger than 35.

Some of the hot hunks of man-toy are in advertising -- and guess what else! We get to show you their pictures and names. Get a leer at the sugar-mama-hunting ad-flesh up for grabs: Joseph Pergola, Jay Kelty, David Zarkin, Jonathan Hillman, and Brad Melshenker (don't be fooled by the context).

We actually didn't think these people were serious until we got photos of the harem. If someone would like to bring Adrants home some bacon a la Bennett, don't let your modesty stop you.

Women, on the other hand, must be older than 35 and are required to meet one of four financial criteria:

- Salary: $500K or more
- Liquid assets: Four million dollars+
- Entrusted assets: Same as above
- Divorce settlement: Same as above

We don't meet any of that criteria yet. But when we do, we'll open a man-candy palace complete with litters, large feathers for fanning, and varying types of fondue.

Happy hunting, pretty boys and plush older girls.

by Angela Natividad    Feb- 6-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Events, Online, Strange   

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