Shocker! Tylenol Ad Campaign Admits Old People Exist


Can you believe it? It's a shocker. An actual ad with actual old people in it! Complete with wrinkled skin and less than perfect abs. Seriously. We can't get over it. We're still in shock. And here we thought every one in the world was as hot as Obama Girl in a BarelyPolitical video. We are crushed at the thought of this new reality.

Where do we go from here? Is a wrinkled 75 year old the new twenty-something hottie? Is a flabby ass the new hot? Oh the horror of it all. It's just too much to bear! People actually get old? Everyone isn't hot forever? Who knew?

We have Deutsch to thank for this shocker. The agency, in new work for Tylenol which broke earlier this month, gently faces the reality of aging, how the body can change over time and why Tylenol is the best pain reliever available. The campaign's commercial slowly pans across bodies of varying ages while a soothing voiceover intones the benefits of Tylenol without sounding like a DTC ad.

The "Feel Better" tagline is about as perfect as you can get for a pain reliever brand. After all, that's what a pain reliever is for: to make one feel better. OK, so a lot of things can make yo feel better but this use of "feel better" just feels right.

Other elements of the campaign include print (which you can see here) and online

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The commercial doesn't seem to fit the campaign as I see it. The print is better because it doesn't sell the pill, it sells the feeling better part.

Posted by: Tony on February 20, 2008 1:17 PM