Cottonelle Wants to Be Kind to Your Behind


To retain its position as the quilted ass-polisher of choice, Cottonelle has launched a campaign called "Be Kind to Your Behind."

See the TV spot and associated outdoor print.

With the debut of the Comfort Haven bus, which will travel across North America, this is supposed to be Kimberly-Clark's biggest non-traditional marketing campaign ever.

The bus is outfitted like the Cottonelle Puppy. It features "relaxation stations" where people can see first-hand -- and hopefully in privacy -- how soft and comforting Cottonelle can be. A fitness expert will be present to share exercises with people who sit for long hours.

Judy Greer of Miss Guided will appear for the launch. No word on whether Atreyu will be making a cameo.

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Comments caught the activists' response. given their medium I'm surprised you didn't.

Posted by: anoon on March 21, 2008 12:12 PM