Don't Leave Home without the Precious!


Have you ever been to Build-a-Bear? You know how the employees give you a little heart pillow to wish on and put inside your bear, right before it's sewn up?

Graft that process onto your daily run. Put a piece of Nike in your shoe.

We didn't really get this ad so we read the pressie for clarification. This is what it says.

"The days of running in solitude are obsolete with the newest product to hit the market, Nike+. A device that tracks your runs through distance, time and calories burned, Nike+ is made to fit into the sole of Nike shoes and transmit information to an iPod Nano, the runners of the world can unite."

Oh. Okay. Anyway, agency Wieden + Kennedy tapped Identity to produce the spot, which features a clusterfuck of athletes from around the world: Kaoru Uno (Japanese K-1 fighter), Ronaldo, Maria Sharapova, Martin Lel, Robert Cheriyot (Kenyan marathoners), Asafa Powell (world.s fastest man), and Dai Tamesue (hurdler).

by Angela Natividad    Mar-25-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Commercials, Packaging, Television   

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