Exeter Hospital Celebrates 'Art of Wellness' With Beds and Babies


While we're not sure what making a bed has to do with a hospital's ability to successfully perform a hip replacement or being ranked tops among all hospital responding to a heart attack, we do like this new commercial from Boston-based Winsper for Exeter Hospital. Oh wait, we get it. Attention to detail. After all, a well made bed is certainly as important as performing open heart surgery.

OK. We jest. We get the analogy. Besides, the spot is just very soothing and who doesn't want to be soothed when faced with a nerve-racking hospital stay? Not us. We've been there.

A second spot, in which the camera lovingly appreciates the bond between baby and mother, uses the time-tested power of cutely cooing infantile innocence to pull at the heart strings. And who among the expecting won't react to that with a tear or two? The black and white treatment along with the picture framing element at the end of the spots is a nice touch as well.

The campiagn is a continuation of last year's "The Art of Wellness" theme and includes, print, radio and out-of-home advertising and a recently redesigned website.

by Steve Hall    Mar-17-08   Click to Comment   
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