First Lady of France Bares All for GQ, Uses Queen to Push Pop


Carla Bruni -- in all the sultry flesh -- appears pretty much nude in the April edition of GQ magazine. (Heavens, she's hot. We're sobbing "Are you there, God?" all over again.) More nakie pics are going on auction next month. They're expected to swoop up 2,000 pounds (the currency) at least.

Plugging the fertility of Mother France ain't all she's up to lately. The still-fresh-faced First Lady was recently accused of turning a visit with the Queen into an opportunity to punt her new CD. After a visit to Windsor, stickers appeared on the album promoting the Italian chanteuse as the new First Lady and chum to Her Highness.

"The aim of the state visit is to further French/British cooperation, not to sell pop songs," insists a French diplomat. "It will appear to many that this is an attempt to cash in on what should be a dignified state visit."

No reason to pop a vessel, man. We're sure someone will give Carla the benefit of doubt, pick one of her CDs up and go, "It's so great that the French and British are getting along. Behold, the moment our forefathers fought for."

by Angela Natividad    Mar-27-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Political, Promotions, Racy   

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