Georgi Vodka Wants Ashley Dupre's Ass For 'Butt Girl' Campaign


Oh for fuck's sake! So a Governor had sex with a prostitute. Sex. He had sex. He didn't murder anyone, blow up a building or otherwise harm another person (as far as our limited knowledge of the man allows). He had sex. OK, he paid for it but it was still sex. Anyway, he's not Governor any more and has been endlessly shamed for his wrong doing. Rightly so, as many believe. If you don't know who we're talking about yet, you've been on another planet.

So leave it to a marketer to capitalize on the downfall of another by...offering money to place the image of Ashley Dupre/Youmans/DiPietro, the call girl that caused the downfall of the aforementioned Governor Eliot Spitzer, on the backs of buses to promote vodka. Yes, Georgi vodka wants to pay Dupre a low six figure sum to become the vodka brand's "butt girl."

The figure seems low considering Girls Gone Wild has offered her a million to tour with the brand and be featured in the brand's photos and marketing material. We're not sure what the girl will do, whether she's 22 or 32 or what the hell her real name is. Does it really matter?

Image from Explore Talent.

by Steve Hall    Mar-18-08   Click to Comment   
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Good for her. Hopefully, there isn't any reason she can't take all of the offers (GGW, Vodka, Hustler/Penthouse). Maximize income while the opportunity exists. Capitalism at its best. If some people don't like it, F'em.

Maybe this will convice naive Americans that not all (or even very many) sex workers are "victims" and the only reason that a lot of them have low self-esteem is that they are criticized constantly by the moralists who don't like them. I don't think the government had any business investigating what went on in that hotel room and I don't think that Spitzer (or the agency owners) should be prosecuted. Who was harmed in this situation (other than the taxpayers funding the wiretaping)?

She will definitely bring a smile to my face when I drink the vodka she may be advertising (I can afford the vodka but not her hourly escort rate).

Posted by: Andy on March 18, 2008 6:27 PM

I've got a number of bones to pick with Andy.

Spitzer was elected on the notion that he was anti-corruption, and more importantly, anti-prostitution. Do we REALLY need more blatant hypocrisy from our elected officials?

Last time I checked, prostitution is illegal in the vast majority of states. Setting aside the moral issues, Spitzer, Emperor's Club, and the call girl all broke the law. You don't like it, run for office and see if you can change the law. They've got some openings in New York.

Also, please change your name. You're going to make us all look like creepy douche bags.

Posted by: Andrew on March 18, 2008 8:24 PM

No coherent opinion, just a few disjointed thoughts:

I hope she cashes in big time and goes away.

There's a lot of rich guys in jail (or out a few $million in fines) experiencing severe schadenfreude the last few weeks.

Didn't hurt anyone? How about his WIFE AND KIDS? Or at least his kids. Maybe the wife got some kinky thrills out of the prostitute banging stories, who knows.

No one can really be surprised at the outrage. Spitzer was Mr. Clean and The Punisher rolled into one. There's a perfect word for the why in this story: HUBRIS.

Andrew: you're in no danger of taking over for poor Mr. Mudd. If people look at you like you're a creepy douchebag try shaving the moustache, losing the trenchcoat and finding someplace other than the local playground to hang out.

Posted by: pat smith on March 18, 2008 9:22 PM

I appreciate your thoughts regarding Spitzer's hypocrisy, but the precedent that will be established has an effect on everyone, not just him.

Do you really think law enforcement should enforce every single law without using judgement skills? If they did, everyone would be in jail for something. When no one is harmed, they should look the other way. Keep the laws on the books so they can be enforced when someone is being harmed. It was clear that no coercion existed here, given the high prices and the ages of the participants.

Sure his family got hurt, but it was because of the publicity. If the investigation hadn't gone so far, the family wouldn't have been affected. If Ashley gets rich, it might make people really question their long-held stereotypes; that was what I was trying to convey.

Posted by: Andy on March 18, 2008 10:27 PM

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Posted by: jiklo on March 19, 2008 4:03 PM

If there were no other issue, then consider the value of exposing a prosecutor/politician's hypocrisy. Not that hypocrisy is a crime; it might not even be a sin although it might rub up against the commandment concerning "bearing false witness."
In 2004, Spitzer prosecuted a prostitution ring and joined a group (mostly women who then backed him for Governor) that was specifically formed to fight "sex trafficking" and protect victims of such commerce.
As for the vodka, it is pretty cheap to begin with.

Posted by: Tom Messner on March 19, 2008 10:28 PM

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