Huge Breasts Are Back. This Time to Sell Lip Gloss


VH1 Charm School participant Saaphyri (and her hefty breasts) are gratuitously front and center in a new video promoting her line of lip gloss called LipChap. In the video, Saaphyri slithers, coos and teases as the camera glides over her making sure every inch of her curvaceously bootylicious body is admired with the intensity of a 14 year old boy at a wet t-shirt contest.

Oh, and the product itself? For those who care, it's available in ten flavors. Yes, ten. From Bubble Gum to Cookie Dough to Strawberry to Watermelon, the line is sure to be a hit with the low-rise jean wearing, exposed-thong, midriff-baring middle school girl crowd who wants to be sexy before knowing what sex is really all about

by Steve Hall    Mar- 5-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Racy, Strange, Video   

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