Icons Transcend Time in Converse Sneaks


To celebrate 100 years in footwear, Converse is welding new icons to old ones in a campaign called "Connectivity."

According to Complex, "cultural heroes" like James Dean, Hunter S. Thompson and Sid Viscious will fuse feet (neat touch!) with Common, Dwyane Wade and Billie Joe Armstrong. Sort of like paper dolls.

See more here.

In 1988, United Colors of Benetton conducted a similar campaign called "United Superstars of Benetton." It featured icons like Joan of Arc linked arm in arm with cultural idols like Marilyn Monroe. Other duos included Leonardo da Vinci and Julius Caesar.

We liked the idea with Benetton and we like it now with Converse. The notion that all these idols wore the same shoes is cheesy, but it also lends the sense that Converse is itself a living artifact.

In fact, we're feening for some hi-tops right now.

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I think Sid just puked on himself in his grave.

Posted by: Edward on March 3, 2008 2:19 PM

I'm sure he'd LOVE to be remembered for his footwear.

Posted by: Angela on March 3, 2008 2:22 PM