Lovable Loser Challenges Celebrities for Cozy Cotton Underpants


With money to burn from Hanes, a scruffy guy called Dave -- who's clearly approaching midlife with misgivings -- is challenging celebrities to games like Rock Paper Scissors or wrestling. (Somewhat more entertaining than watching Sarah Chalke moan off a wedgie.)

Dave has so far lost challenges to Cuba Gooding, Jr., Reggie Bush and Nelly, among others. But he did win a Comfortsoft Pose-Off against Paris, who unwittingly forfeited the game when she just didn't bother to look at him twice.

We'll clarify. She looked at him once, then tore him to shreds with her stare and publicly forgot he existed. It was superhuman.

Other girls were more indulgent. Dave got the chicks from Deal or No Deal to face off in a hula hoop competition. They kicked his ass and were way funner to watch, probably because none of us have ever seen a grown woman hula hoop in a satin cami before.

Isn't it amazing what average people can get paid to do when big companies get skittish about losing marketshare? See all the hijinks at Dave's Detours, brought to you by Hanes and the peeps at NGAGE.

by Angela Natividad    Mar-25-08   Click to Comment   
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