Lynx L.A.S.S. Squad Administer Happy Ending in Shower


Well it's about time. The Lynx/Axe babes are back, this time from Australia in the form of the Lynx Anti-Soap Squad or LASS. Witty. As with all Lynx/Axe efforts, the work panders to the typical high school kid who thinks about sex 24/ other words, the entire male race. Framed like a COPS episode, two Lynx girls, dressed in police uniforms you wish actual police officers (female ones, that is) wore all the time prowl for guys who use regular bar soap as if it were a crime.

The usual innuendos such as "unit 34-24-34," "do you roger? I certainly do" and "love it when these situations have a happy ending" fill the video as the girls accost a guy in his home, arrest him, strip search him and then get in the shower with him to administer a proper cleansing. It's all very high school 101. In other words, like we said previously, an effective appraoch to reach every man on the planet.

by Steve Hall    Mar-19-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Good, Racy, Video   

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