Pen Power Used to Market Wacom


Witness The Power of the Pens, the last leg of an email marketing campaign for Wacom by eROI. Wacom makes pen tablets and interactive displays for inputting graphics into computers.

eROI used Power of the Pens to showcase work from a different digital artist every day for 12 days. The art was available to download for Wacom email subscribers, which could also upload creations onto the website.

The winning artist received a Cintiq 12WX tablet. View his entry.

The campaign resulted in over 1300 artworks uploaded in 12 days. 61,000 visitors hit from the campaign destination, spending an average of three minutes each on the site.

After the campaign ended, the website was positioned as a 12-month wallpaper calendar. This idea earned eROI a spot in the semi-finals of the DMA's International ECHO Awards, which go down in October.


by Angela Natividad    Mar-26-08   Click to Comment   
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Thanks for the mention on our Wacom campaign. We're proud of our work and appreciate any praise or acknowledgement that comes our way.

Jeff Kempf, marketing intern at

Posted by: Jeff Kempf on November 19, 2008 11:56 AM