'quarterlife' Slips into Inner Recesses of UCLA Backpacks


For the network debut of quarterlife, NBC used Free Hand Ads to promote the show across the top margin of college-ruled paper. Free Hand distributed the sheets at UCLA on February 14.

It's often said that the best ideas are the simple ones. We believe it of Free Hand Ads, so we totally don't blame them for the fact that quarterlife so enthusiastically bombed on its first night on air (totaling 3.86 million viewers, last in its class).

Some drama is better left on MySpace.

According to Free Hand Ads, over 1000 packs of paper were distributed over a two-hour period. The company guarantees that at least 1,000 students were exposed to the ad just by taking the packets with them, and most students responded favorably when asked for their views (ie: "Thank you!" or "I'll use it").

Free Hand also said its packets were the only paper handouts that weren't later found on the ground. (And if you've ever been exposed to the tyranny of flyering on a university quad, you're as disbelieving as we are right now.)

Download campaign stats, testimonials and pictures.

by Angela Natividad    Mar- 3-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Guerilla, Outdoor, Promotions   

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