Beer Commercials Deceive Aliens, Happier Planets Sought


OK, seriously. Just what is it about beer that is supposed to make life perfect? How did beer, swill such as Miller Lite no less, become the answer to all of life's ills? Seriously. It's liquefied wheat and barley injected with air. That doesn't sound like a life-altering panacea yet marketer after marketer after marketer insist a sip of beer will get you the girl, turn your life into a posh existence, help you one up your friends and turn you into some sort of superior being with qualities only found in, well, beer commercials.

How about an little equal time, brewers? What about all those times one grabs a beer from the fridge because you had a shitty day? Or because the dog just died? Or because you just failed the bar exam? Or because your girlfriend left you because she caught you in bed with her roommate? People! Drinking beer isn't always but life's glories. Beer will not make you a perfect person. Beer will not transform you into the perfect person no matter how many hot ad babes coo at you in a commercial.

So courtesy of BBH, with effects help from Smoke&Mirrors, is yet another dreamy beer commercial in which a guy stumbles upon a bar customized just for him. Everyone knows him. He has his own embossed bar stool. Beautiful women serve his needs. And, the air hockey table is also a TV screen! (OK, that is kinda cool).

If aliens came to earth and watched beer commercials they'd wonder why the hell we were all so still fucked up, kill each other on a daily basis and allow people to starve to death. After a few days experiencing the reality of earth, they'd likely turn their ship around and look for a much happier planet with with to co-mingle.

by Steve Hall    Apr-28-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary, Opinion   

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Lighten up, Steve! Why all the anger at beer ads? Will using cosmetics or hair products make every woman model beautiful? The ads promise that. Will using a body spray make me super attractive to women? The ads promise that.

You could pick any category of ad and pick a bone about the reality of the ad, so why dump on beer companies? (Full disclosure: I do work for Miller Lite, and I happen to find it the best light beer I've tasted.)

Posted by: Augie on April 28, 2008 2:36 PM