Charity Sexes Down, Fanboys Get Website, Make Your Own Mexican, Alkies Go on Tour, and Go Get Yourself Fired


- YAI, a charity for people with disabilities, used easy sex to bait youth into volunteering. Gawker spread the word and YAI pulled the campaign, to the chagrin of ad-heads and volunteers alike.

- Adidas and EVB, SF have launched an NCAA fanboy site called March is Brotherhood. Learn chants, read coach blogs and make coaches call your friends.

- itzbig thinks encouraging passive aggressive employees to get fired will help them find better careers.

- One Show Interactive is building hype for its May 9 show on the back of a Mexican wrestler game. Customize your Mexican's skin and mask for max fear factor.

- Boozers are using Under the Influence to "[turn] the boring industry conference on its head." Wait. Aren't boring industry conferences all about alcohol?

- People in Prague don't fuck around when promoting their pizza.

by Angela Natividad    Apr- 7-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Games, Guerilla, Online, Promotions, Video   

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