Come On, Guy, Everybody Loves a Pun!


Pay no attention to the gorgeous woman used in every shot of this teaser. We're not even sure why she's there. The real star of this promotional series is ... wait for it...

A saucy new line of LG televisions! *the crowd cheers*

That (horrific!) campaign punchline went live Monday at a red carpet event in Hollywood. (As if that means anything. Don't all Hollywood events involve red rug?) The London reveal happens today, followed by a rollout in 27 markets across the four major TV-watching continents.

A self-fellating para from the pressie:

The name 'Scarlet' was inspired by the design of the LG60 and the red hue of the casing. From a side profile, the TV's silhouette flows like a red dress. Scarlet's character also reflects everything that the LG60 is. She is intelligent; she is dazzling; she is extraordinary; she is exciting; and she will change the way you view TV, forever.

"Flows like a red dress"?!

Thank you, and NYC, for reminding us why none of you went into ready-to-wear. Or romantic fiction.

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Ouch. And just think: someone got paid for that.

Posted by: Jolie O'Dell on April 30, 2008 2:19 PM

You know, the best part isn't that they tried to make it look like a TV's that they made it look like a really, REALLY bad TV show.

Posted by: Amy Yen on April 30, 2008 9:59 PM