Google Hate Website is Back in Business


Ahhh. Nothing spells success like the obsessive, well-indexed and unquenchable hatred of an anti-corporate website.

Rejoining Starbucked, I Hate Microsoft, Untied and Comcast Must Die is Fucked Google, which was shafted in 2006.

We're not sure what tipped the scale back in its favor. Probably had something to do with all those firings. Because the author of Fucked Google has this to say: "I finally have a good stream of pissed-off Google employees feeding me information so you guys can look forward to lots of valleywag-style dirt in the coming days."

Excerpts from a GOOG employee letter posted today:

All the press surrounding the amazing perks at GOOG is bullshit. Seriously, you can't really take advantage of the free food, massages, etc. because it just looks bad (and no one who is taken seriously at the company actually has any free time).

90% of the people eat at their desk and it's not an enjoyable experience. The massages are booked months in advance and even then, you're likely to have something come up last minute- meeting, etc, that interferes with it.

Management sucks.

it's so bad that they've started a DILBERT series...meetings every month of how we can avoid becoming a Dilbert like workplace.

Also, Hilary Jensen, Mike Miller & Tracy Lee-Blumberg (managers in OSO) are evil.

Wow. Now we totally feel better about our bitter lack of free smoothies, company SWAG and professional massages. Looking forward to our daily dose of GOOG rage.

by Angela Natividad    Apr- 4-08   Click to Comment   
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AS much as I love the angry fist of the people raised up against "the man" (whomever that may be)... I just wish the design weren't so universally bad (like bad for 1999 bad) across those sites (except for untied - looks nice). Tighter design would make the arguments a little more palatable.

Posted by: Steve Isaacs on April 4, 2008 5:56 PM

Not enjoying the free food? It's hard to book a massage??

Reality check, please.

Posted by: cry me a river on April 4, 2008 6:16 PM