Greenpeace Says Unilever Palm Oil Suppliers Destroy Indonesia's Forests


In a new video which mirrors the Dove Onslaught commercial, Greenpeace is claiming Unilever, which makes Dove products, buys palm oil from suppliers in Indonesia who destroy the region's forests. Greenpeace claims 98 percent of Ondonesia's lowland forests will be destroyed by the time Azizah, the young girl in the video, turns 25.

Greenpeace also claims it has proof Unilever is contributing to "forest destruction, species extinction and climate change."

by Steve Hall    Apr-22-08   Click to Comment   
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Unilever is probably the world's biggest player in the palm oil market.

Palm oil is interesting...not acceptable to the human digestive sytem so Unilever must push the oil through a small opening under high pressure to break up the globules of palm oil. Then it passes into the intestines and through to the blood stream without the pesky digestive system forcing the victim to vomit!
so now the Palm Oil can be used to trick humans into thinking they have something moist in their mouths that actually adds to heart attacks along with the previously unusable rapeseed oil too!

hints that U is the largest organized crime holding in the world...have some credence we suppose, but ,they are just trying to make a buck!

rivals include the Yakuza run group that suffered the indignity of their prior CEO being railed in the press for spending in excess of 12k for a shower curtain...shucks...

Posted by: moose on April 22, 2008 11:44 AM