McCain Girls Outed, Gnarls Barkley Refurbed, AgencySpy Critiqued, AmEx Does Travel (BETA!!!)


- The new Honda Accord is so lame that RPA had to use an image of its own creative team, gawking at the car, as part of an outdoor wallscape.

- American Express has launched Members Know, an "insider" travel community that, in trademark AmEx style, manages to be both elitist and bland. Also, there are INSIGHTS. And TAG CLOUDS. And the word BETA.

- Interactive firm ROKKAN redid the Gnarls Barkley site to reflect the duo's dynamism and harmony. (You know, like OutKast, but without Andre's mood swings.) The site includes a pretty awesome pop-up video player. In fact, it's pretty awesome all around.

- Outback Steakhouse debuted another one of those creepy destinations where you can upload a cut-out of your head. It is called Aussie Oke and it's horrifying.

- George Parker is not crazy about the new AgencySpy. It appears to do a better job of serving MediaBistro's advertisers than serving up the agency dish -- which we have for so long loved and defended to all our friends. Come on, guys. Under all those registrations and Academy of Art banners, we know you're in there somewhere.

- With the Bamboo Tablet, anybody can be an art director! Even you! Seriously though? We want one.

- The McCain Girls aren't real. Not sure if that means they're not really "for" McCain (because they definitely weren't doing him any favours). Word is they're a comedy team from 23/6, a news parody site affiliated with IAC/InterActive, which in turn parodies our notions of search. The makers said they wanted to be both sincere and ironic. Well, John McCain interpreted them as "wonderful and entertaining."

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