M&M Gets Blue Balls, Licks Himself to Mother's Horror


Like a mother walking in on her son in the middle of a masturbation session, this M&M commercial has a blue M&M sitting on a couch licking himself because he tastes so good while mom walks in, surprised, and asks, "Are you licking yourself?"

One can just imagine the concepting conversation:

AD: "Another fucking blue M&M spot."
Copy Girl: "But wait."
AD: "What?"
Copy Girl: "We can make it like a little kid tasting himself."
AD: "Licking himself?
Copy Girl: "Yea, and then the Mom comes in, freaks out and asks, "Are you licking yourself?"
AD: "You're serious."
Copy Girl: "Yea, I'm serious. You guys would lick yourselves all the time if you could!"
AD: "You actually want to present this idea?'
Copy Girl: "Yes. And look at the thing! He's blue! Balled! Get it? He needs to lick himself off."
AD: "You're just gross."
Copy Girl: "I can sell it."
AD: "Right. And I supposed the super at the end is going to be an explosion of blue sliding over the close?"
Copy Girl: "Hmm. Hadn't thought of that but it could work."
AD: "You need help."

by Steve Hall    Apr- 1-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Commercials, Creative Commentary, Good   

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this is pretty funny, very American Pie, but whatever. Funny how sexual innuedos really do make the ad world go round.

Posted by: Street Attck on April 2, 2008 12:37 PM

How sick are you people? To take a child's candy and make something sexual out of it. Just like the ones with the "lady" that poses in front of the photographers. I can't believe the lengths you will go to. I sure don't want my grandchildren to watch any of your commercials!

Posted by: Lawana on April 1, 2009 5:29 PM