PubMatic Launches Online Ad Network Pricing Service


Want to know what other advertisers are paying to advertise on websites? As a publisher, want to know how to competitively price your ads? Now you can with PubMatic's AdPrice Index, a new service that gathers eCPM data from 3,000 website on a monthly basis. The index is compiled by independent statisticians Dr. Albert Madansky and Dr. Michele Madansky who found:

- On average, small niche Web sites (less than 1 million pages views per month) provided significantly stronger performance for advertisers than medium Web sites (1 million to 100 million page views per month) and large Web sites (over 100 million page views per month): eCPM averages for March 2008 are $1.18 for small Web sites, $0.34 for medium Web sites, and $0.38 for large Web sites. The large Web site segment includes a higher proportion of social networking, entertainment, and gaming sites than any other segment.

-Pricing data reflects net publisher monetization via ad networks and excludes ad networks' share of ad spend as well as inventory sold directly by publishers to ad agencies or advertisers.

Additional findings include:

- In March '08, 76% of small Web sites saw eCPMs under $1.00, compared to 96% of medium and 94% of large Web sites

- Across all Web sites, the range of eCPMs was $0.003 to $15.25.

- eCPMs for technology and gaming sites are higher on average than other categories: $0.82 and $0.69 respectively, for March '08

- Technology eCPMs have declined by 12% from January '08 ($0.92) to March '08 ($0.82)

- eCPMs for social networking sites are among lowest by vertical, though they have increased 69% from $0.22 in January '08 to $0.37 in March '08

by Steve Hall    Apr- 8-08   Click to Comment   
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