Red Bull Is Late to the UGC Game


Red Bull is out looking for Student Brand Managers and has chosen to (surprise, surprise) turn to YouTube. That's right, YouTube videos are the awareness drivers of the program and you, if you are interested, can upload your own YouTube video and try to get the job.

Memo to marketers: this idea is dead.

Just the other day I was making fun of Gillette for a similar user-generated, upload your video program. The novelty has worn off! This is no longer interesting.

Though the Corey Blade video is marginally amusing if you're having a slow day.

There is a significant first-mover advantage in the interactive space. The Doritos of the world are a case in point. Early to the user-generated YouTube video game, they ran these programs until they couldn't make them interesting anymore (right after the "we will run your ad during the Super Bowl if you win" contest). Then they started doing something else.

Other brands should do the same and try something new.

Novelty was the key driver behind UGC success...a few user-generated marketing elements are really, really good. Most aren't. Most aren't even as good as the Corey Blade video.

Why would they be? Consumer-generated creative doesn't have a team of professional creative types, a budget that has more than one zero or talented directors and editors at their disposal.

It also doesn't have a brief and is just not as effective as professionally-produced work.

To top off the "why this is a bad idea" rant, even with a UGC program, you STILL have to have broad-reaching awareness tactics like TV behind it if you're going to get anyone to participate. As Tangerine Toad says, people don't click through the internet like they do TV stations. So you're not even getting a good value with something like this.

Brands: you have been warned.

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People also don't click through because sassy ad bloggers don't include links with their commentary.

Posted by: Edward on April 18, 2008 7:03 PM