BlogAds Explained, Congdon Returns, Idol Awesomed, Mullen Gets Relentless


- Saatchi Singapore adds what AdFreak calls a bit of Evil Dead to a domestic abuse campaign which focuses on verbal abuse.

- Rocketboom's Amanda Condonn is back after a two year stint with mainstream media with a new video show of her own called Sometimes Daily. (Did you get a nose job, Amanda?)

- Advertising Age's Simon Dumenco rounds up the top seven "most awesomest" American Idol moments of this season.

- Mullen has launched RelentlessPR, a blog which will share Mullen's point of view on the public relations practice. Hey that's really nice but next time you might want to put a link to the blog in the release. Oh, gee, that was easy. Might want to make it accessible from the agency website too.

- If you've ever wondered about BogAds, here's a nice video describing the blog ad network.

by Steve Hall    May-19-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Cause, Weblogs   

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