George W. Bush Unites Globe in Shared Mockery


In the course of his Presidency George W. Bush has both enraged and made us laugh, often at the same time. We've seen plenty of ways where his unique talent has manifested in reactionary advertising. Sometimes the results are funny, sometimes they piss us off, and often they do both at once.

Either way, it's become impossible to leave the States without a good sense of humour -- or an iron-on maple leaf.

Ivan of CreativeBits put together an invaluable collection of print ads where Bush is the star. This close to November, it almost makes us fond of the guy -- the way you grow fond of a stooge you're about to screw over in a drug bust.

Brands include Mexican newspaper Milenio, Marmite Squeezy (UK), sticky tape brand Tesa (Brazil), Smart (Malaysia), Amnesty International (Spain), Sport Factory Outlet (Switzerland), and more, plus a helluva lot of Greenpeace ads (of course).

Check out this neat Cape Town ad where a bust of Bush is made with newspaper. I like how it says "London bleeds" across his shoulder. And this German one is just plain weird.

by Angela Natividad    May-14-08   Click to Comment   
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