Kinkos Uses Brilliant Blatant Subliminal Strategy to Drive Unnecessary Banner Sales


So this week when I joined the millions of college students around the country camping out at Kinkos to print final class projects the night before---or, is as often the case, the morning that---it is due, I noticed a large white banner hanging behind where the nice Kinkos employee was struggling to print my paper (shout-out to Scott). It read, "Thank you for staring at our banner! You are subliminally causing other customers to want to buy a banner."

Now, it may have been the severe lack of sleep causing this, but that banner was strangely mesmerizing to me. I kept looking at it, thinking completely irrational things like, hey. Maybe I need a banner...

Thankfully, the $140 I handed over to Scott for printing my paper stopped me from making the leap.

by Amy Yen    May- 4-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Point of Purchase   

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Self-reflexive ads like this are playful and respectful to consumers who are sick of ads trying to trick them into buying a certain product.

Posted by: sonya on May 4, 2008 7:29 PM