Million Dollar Homepage Knock Off to Deface Hillside


If it weren't bad enough an army of wannabes copied, unsuccessfully, Alex Tew's very successful Million Dollar Homepage, now there's a dude who wants to spread that filth all over an actual hillside, as in a real-world hillside in Austria.

Thomas Kager, a 34 year old software developer plans to sell both pixels and actual real estate on a 10,0000 meter portion of a hill. As the press release explains, "Kager's idea is to market squares of virtual advertising space on his website to companies and individuals who, after their purchase, will receive one square meter of real outdoor advertising space for a five-year period."

So for five years advertising will deface the side of a hill? Thankfully, schemes like this haven't worked since Tew's original idea so it's unlikely this will either. And unless the guy actually owns the land and there are no zoning laws against a few hundred thousand tiny signs dotting the landscape, this ain't happening.

Why are we even writing about this? Must be a slow news day.

by Steve Hall    May-14-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online, Outdoor   

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