Obama's About Hope. Yeah, We Know


By now the words "hope" and "Obama" are inseparable. And the man certainly hasn't welded himself to the ideal without help.

Here's another one of those lovingly-produced Obama = Hope! messages, put together by Blacklist, narrated by Douglas Coupland -- who wrote Generation X, Microserfs and The Gum Thief -- and directed by Pistachios.

Jesse Dylan, who directed "Yes We Can," also came along for the ride.

It probably won't spark a mash-up craze, but it's one more for the I <3 Obama scrapbook. (You have one, don't you? ...uh-huh.)

by Angela Natividad    May-18-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Celebrity, Political, Video   

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The notion of a Democratic candidate running left in the primaries and turning right in the general election seems also not to elude Obama.
Like McGovern, Carter, Mondale, Kerry, he seeks to find his rightward path.
So far, it has been more symbolic than substantive.
He has affixed a flag to his lapel, had a photo-op with a crucifix (sans Christ and sans a body, for that matter), shot a mean game of pool, and turned up at an assembly line eschewing OSHA-required protective helmet and glassware.
With Memorial Day and The Fourth of July coming up, he'll be wearing poppies and setting off Roman candles and chomping down some hot dogs and belching for the cameras.

Posted by: Tom Messner on May 19, 2008 6:13 PM


Here's the thing a more decisive eye will notice about Obama. He's reactionary to everything. It's quick reactionary but a quick eye notices the lag. He must have a million feelers out there assessing the situations, then he comes back with an action or speech that is profound. But the person who sees in nano seconds doesn't need the instant replay in 3-d perspective screening to notice the lag.

He's good, like the race horses today are good. But still there's some question in my mind if the questions that apply to the recent Ky Derby horse breeding and racing don't apply to this presidential race, too. Who knows? It could be want America wants and needs. I really don't see any profound change on my life if any of the three win. I am not a betting woman, anyway, so don't take my advice.

Posted by: Nancy K on May 20, 2008 11:34 AM

Interesting notions. Difference with Obama is that his whole life has been political. Even Hillary Clinton had a law career and a child. Joining Wright's church was more a career move than a theological one so as to give a Harvard Law guy street cred and anointment to win elective office. His break really came when Wright dissed Obama by calling him a pol, which was kinda funny.
Obama's media guy, Axelrod, is also as good as they come nowadays. Although last year when I heard him speak, I was surprised that, after showing a powerful political commercial that was unforunately as false as it was powerful, he defended the right of the campaign to do the inaccurate spot. But what the heck: compared to patricide, matricide, homicide, and genocide, merely lying in a political commercial is a benign way to seize power.

Posted by: Tom Messner on May 21, 2008 9:12 AM

It's almost like he is bred just for this race, almost too perfectly.

My question is to vote or not... if I like him doesn't matter, but should I vote so that the rest of America will become involved and cohesive like the promise is. I just don't see it panning out after all the planned political hullabaloo from inside the country. We all know that the presidency is the biggest marketing and advertising project in the world. We all see that for what it is, right? So what is this marketing about. The politicians, PR, andAdvertisers .marketers all in one big room. We want the best product ever that everyone will be happy with. I tell you, after visiting this entire country I kinda like all are differences and idiosyncracies. It aint about splitting and dividing as some will want you to vote against that. I mean the McCoys aren't sill shooting the Hatfields. I happen to have lived in Ky and know two kids from each of those families that were on the same team. It's about finding the best solution with the most amount of input for me.

It aint gonna be so easy on a world level. Of course, I honestly believe there are many more men behind the curtain running the US international politics and they don't change every four years. C'mon what corporation could survive changing president's every four years. The question is how will Obama pull it off when the men behind the curtain tell him he has to do something that isn't in "the Hope" vision. HIllary and McCain already have reputations how they handle stuff, and take the heat for it. Now with "the change", well, here is the comparison:

It's like telling me that menopause will be so great because I won't get my period everymonth. Of course, the hormone inbalances, my waist will thicken, I'll have to give up wearing my favorite jeans... and there are a whole lot of side affects of me becoming an old crony or hag.

But positive psychology is all that...

I will still really be beautiful as I was when I was thirty. Exactly like Donald Trump is beautiful to those young beautiful thirty year olds if he lost every penny and tower he had, right?

Guess I'm too old school to believe. and don't get me started on how this country thinks we need more kids going to college ...

I gotta stop complaining and go dodge half the kids in brand new Suvs on the street while I walk over to the stadium. Sorry to sound so glum here, but I am still smiling because I know it really doesnt matter all that much.

Posted by: Nancy K on May 21, 2008 11:41 AM