Scion: It's Love or Loathing, No In-Between


In an ad for the xB called Pendulum, Scion quite startlingly demonstrates it does not give a damn what you think.

Given the car's sheer ugliness (that pumpkin shade ain't helping), whoring for mainstream acceptance would have been a depressing uphill fight. Instead of trying to hide its blunt features, Scion made them the draw. And the ad suggests it isn't afraid of strong feelings, whatever they are.

It certainly helps that agency ATTIK is great at generating emotions not normally associated with car ads. Scion's work, for example, always feels a little eerie and violent. When that first "He loves me..." drifted out of my speakers, I got chills.

(It was probably the kid's voice that did it. There's something endlessly creepy about using innocence to portray deviance.)

by Angela Natividad    May-27-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Brands, Campaigns, Commercials, Good, Television   

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