Social Hotties Endorse Their Favorite Brands


Well OK. So now when you troll MySpace, Facebook or whatever your favorite daily social diversion may be, you can view, yes, even more ads courtesy of SocialVibe, a service that lets people choose brands they wish to endorse with a widget they can embed on their profile pages or blogs.

For example, Nicole Lynn's cleavage endorses...oops, I mean Nicole Lynn endorses Adobe. By displaying the SocialVibe badge on profile pages, people get points they can use to donate to charities as well as the chance to win trips, gadgets and entry to events.

"SocialVibe recognizes the power and influence of the individual within social media," said Joe Marchese, founder and president, SocialVibe. "Our platform empowers individuals to wield this power and influence for a good cause while presenting brands with a unique platform to connect with a rapidly growing number of users. Pilot partners of SocialVibe, include Coca-Cola, NBA, Sprint and Nestlé."

Well, there it is. Facebook initially flopped on this sort of thing. It;s unclear how SocialVibe will be received but since its public beta launch, the company has donated $30,000 to 14 charities

by Steve Hall    May-15-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Cause, Social   

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