Tables Turned on Advertising Industry Sexism


On the way out from her AgencySpy gig, SuperSpy minces no words lashing out at guys and sexism in the workplace reversing things a bit so men can endure the rampant objectivity apparently experienced by women in the ad business. For some, her point of view may be seen as harshly bitter but I'd say it's not very far off base in some instances.

She writes, "I'm going to find the first junior employee that I can and comment on how nice his jeans fit or better yet, tell him my own sexual fantasies and see if he bites. Yes, he probably will, but the power I exert in doing it, in making him feel uncomfortable for a brief moment, small, at jeopardy for his job (that brief sweet vengeful second), will be some sort of justice for all the ad guys who have come onto me and the chicks I know or don't even know in the work environment."

While it may, in fact, be difficult for some guys to stow away their libido while in the workplace, that's no excuse for making a woman feel uncomfortable. There's a time and a place for flirting and sexual commentary and it's not usually the office. It's a known fact all guys think about is sex. OK, maybe not 24/7 but close. It's a natural, biological trait. That doesn't make it OK to swing one's manhood around in inappropriate places or in a way that is unwelcome.

Some might argue AgencySpy is overreacting. Not likely. Intelligent people don't write things like this unless they are properly motivated and it seems there was, indeed, motivation.

by Steve Hall    May-20-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Agencies, Opinion   

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Intelligent people don't write things like that unless they're properly motivated? Pffft. Righttt...All they've done is create a straw man issue and then address it. I can be pretty sexist, but even at my worst, I know to turn it off in the workplace. I've worked in many ad agencies on the west coast and have yet to see anything like the behaviour touted as the reason for this ad. It all smacks of hysterical feminist whining. Hopefully someone will introduce her to a nice harrassment lawsuit or perhaps a solid right cross.

Posted by: LeChuck on May 20, 2008 2:00 PM

"I can be pretty sexist, but even at my worst, I know to turn it off in the workplace."

Yet you obviously don't know to turn it off in a public forum.

Posted by: AppleBetty on August 1, 2008 10:44 AM