Vespa Wheatpasted, fauxreel Projects, GOP Promotes Panic Drug, and Republican Goes Obama Way


- Check out the projections on the fauxreel website. Not quite sure what they're all about, but watching people alter billboards at high speed can easily kill about four minutes. Without regrets.

- Dentsu Canada's got fauxreel plastering Vespa Squareheads -- Millennials with headlights and mirrored antennae, essentially -- all over Canada.

- MoveOn has finally tapped a winner for its Obama in 30 Seconds campaign. It lacks the flair of the mashup, and it's obvious the video was picked because the subject is a converted Republican. Also, MoveOn wants $200,000 from you to help air it.

- The GOP's "the change you deserve" slogan is already registered to Effexor XR, a panic disorder drug. That's kind of apt.

- Imagine if the CW aired a clown show. It could happen. The world is just exactly that fucked up.

- Wednesday at One Show I joked around with Seth MacPhedran of Fuel Industries and Izaak Jordan of Miami Ad School about hosting an ad creative fashion show. We were thinking bamboo trucker hats, nail polish pour homme and logo tattoos. And then Seth was all, "What if we really JUST DO IT?" And Izaak was like, "I'll play with the logo tattoo idea." And then he did. I guess this means I need to start looking for a venue and some sulky-looking models with square-framed glasses.

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