'What's This? Oh. It's a Body, Bloated in the Sun'


Somewhere in the bowels of my memory is a man with a 'fro, a soothing voice and a paintbrush. As a kid I watched him on TV, mesmerized as he effortlessly whispered magic onto his canvas.

Right about now, though, I'm wondering whether those gripping pastures and endless telephone lines were not actually thinly-veiled and mildly traumatic messages about ethnic cleansing.

I like how at the end he gets all sinister and hisses, "We're almost done here, aren't we? No. It's never done."

Nice work by Nobele Match. They nailed Bob Ross perfectly. And the video isn't just an awesome standalone spoof; it relates a good message, too.

Something about getting off our asses. And helping people. Or something. (There was some torched-village action mixed in too.) Anyway, thanks in:fluencia for sending this over.

by Angela Natividad    May-19-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Cause, Good, Online, Spoofs, Strange, Trends and Culture, Video   

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