Former Firebrand Execs Launch Ad Agency


What do you do when your company fails, investors pull out and your industry derides your business model? You wake up, say "fuck it," leverage all the bad press you got and start all over again. Former Firebrand CMO and other former Firebrand employees have banded together to launch FireMedia Partners, a company which will "provide brands with integrated solutions for marketing across today's emerging media." In other words, an ad agency. Like we need another one of those.

Levanthal explains (without forgetting to tout Firebrand apparent "success"), saying, "The knowledge we gained from our Firebrand experience was invaluable, beginning with the streaming video website, the downloadable playlists, the nightly TV show and, of course, the launch marketing campaign. The integrated effort, which combined traditional media with search marketing and social media networking, garnered over 2 million television viewers per week, generated over 250,000 unique visitors, and saw over 100,000 playlist downloads -- all in just 90 days."

Continuing, she adds, "We only scratched the surface in responding to the consumer appetite for great creative advertising. Now, we are tapping the creative talents of our Firebrand 'A' team, to deliver entertaining and relevant content to consumers across all new media platforms on behalf of our clients."

Because if you can't shove advertising down people's throats one way, you might as well do it another.

Oh look! They have a Facebook page. Now that's fuckin' revolutionary.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 9-08   Click to Comment   
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