Got A Fat Ass? Derrie-Air Wants Your Booty


In one of the more interesting methods of attempting to illustrate the waning worth of newspaper advertising, a Gyro-created fake ad campaign for the Philadelphia Inquirer features the fictitious airline Derrie-Air which, in an effort to be carbon neutral (fuckin' buzzwords), promises to plant trees to offset the pounds of carbon its planes spew into the atmosphere.

While it purports to be for a good cause, it's also tossing aside political correctness and charging passengers by the pound. Not a bad thing. after all, who really wants a 350 pound person - and all their bulging fat - spilling over into your seat?

The campaign points to the Derrie-Air website which, at the bottom, contains the disclaimer, "The Derrie-Air campaign is a fictitious advertising campaign created by Philadelphia Media Holdings to test the results of advertising in our print and online products and to stimulate discussion on a timely environmental topic of interest to all citizens."

Philadelphia Media Holdings promises to track the campiagn and traffic to the Derrie-Air website to prove that,. yes, newspaper advertising still works. We shall see.

by Steve Hall    Jun- 8-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Campaigns, Newspaper, Spoofs, Strange   

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