McCain Changes Stripes, Vogue Blacks Out, Cannes Canned, Keyboard Dipped


- John McCain souped up his logo. Bystanders are skeptical. UPDATE: McCain did not change his logo. The new one comes from a third-party vendor. The Under Consideration blog apologizes for the confusion.

- For its 50th anniversary, The Marketing Society launched 50 Golden Brands, which will celebrate 50 "hero brands" for the past 50 years. Contenders include eBay, Virgin, Perrier and some weird thing called Fairy Liquid.

- George Parker taught me a new word: Adverati. He also handpicked the ugliest pictures out of Advertising Age's Cannes party post and put the subjects in a more engaging light. And by "engaging," I mean "fluorescent."

- Rocawear and Boost Mobile launched a mobile campaign. Amobee is serving the ads. The campaign is about overcoming adversity. It's also about scoring discounts and disseminating unique and motivating Jay-Z lines like "I will not lose."

- Italian Vogue goes black -- all black -- for its July issue. Editor Franca Sozzani said she was inspired in part by Obama's success in the primaries.

- Check out this sexy no-key keyboard. It's made up of glass, camera and lighting. Also, unless the ads are lying (and why would they?) it's apparently waterproof. Which is good, because I would like to lick it.

- MySpaceTV added a carousel where you can quickly peruse videos you've subscribed to, but haven't watched. And I'm not sure why, but the PR guy also sent us a link to manbabies.

- "ONE NIGHT IN TORONTO," MMVA's Evian-sponsored fete, went down last weekend. Perez Hilton played hostess (dude is losing weight!) and Girlicious came to entertain. Here is where you feel envy.

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For hands that do dishes that feel as soft as your face, mild green fairy liquid. British Classic - is Shake 'n' Vac on there too?

Posted by: Chris on June 20, 2008 10:57 AM

John McCain did not "soup up" his logo! LOL!
The mock-fake John McCain logo in the link with the yellow star and black background were as misleading as the false buzz purporting that Michelle Obama used the expression "whitey" repeatedly in a speach before leaders of both culture and society! This rumor tried to gain traction again last week and while equally as false as the LOGO CHANGE was quite a bit more purposefully evil. Pure crapola (imho). But here and within the linked sites logo mishagas is the continued mistaken idea that The Official John McCain campaign changed their logo toeither the Army star or the Republic of Vietnam star! >>coo coo>>coc coo>>

Posted by: arthur barbato on June 20, 2008 12:46 PM

I loved the picture

Posted by: amir on June 22, 2008 2:33 AM