Street Art Meets Foot Fetish in NIKE PHOTOiD


Capitalizing on culture junkies accustomed to a world they can manipulate with ease, AKQA shot Street Canvas, a promotion for Nike PHOTOiD.

To a cool beat and without narration, the video describes the following process.

Take a shot of something with your phone and text it to Nike. Nike texts back a link to a customized shoe, crafted from the two main colours in your photo.

The shoe is superimposed over the image you sent, so you can see how they mesh. Visit the Nike website and enter your DESIGNiD to buy the creation.

The campaign goes live in the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. Good stuff by AKQA, which last razzle-dazzled the world at large with its Halo 3 Master Chief stuff.

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