Wake Up Ad People! Cannes is Over And Ad Spend Sucks!


Ick! I'm still scrubbing the Advertising Age Cannes photogasmic sleaze off my sleeve as I'm slapped upside the head with the reality the same publication that offered up gratuitous ass is now reporting Top 100 U.S. advertiser spend increased but a paltry 1.7 percent last year. Obviously no one is Cannes cares for such dreariness but after a week of expense account shenanigans, it's time to get back to work and realize things aren't as great as they somehow seem to appear in Cannes.

Advertising Age's 100 Leading National Advertisers report finds last year's measly increase of 1.7 percent for top 100 advertisers and 0.3 percent for measured media is the worst since the 2001 recession.

While Procter & Gamble did break the $5 billion U.S ad spend ceiling, collective ad spend fell below gross domestic product and inflation for 2007. For all the depressing, post-Cannes wake up call, numerical goodness, check out the full report over at Advertising Age.

by Steve Hall    Jun-23-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Research   

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