Bayer Saves Babies, Clooney Goofs, Nike Stabs Air, Sex Tracked

- Bayer roasts babies over a fire but, of course, they, like those famous Puma ads, are not real and the brand has stated they, nor JWT, had anything to do with their creation.

- That Churchill pet insurance dog, in a recent commercial, seems to say, rather than his usual cathphrase "Oh yes," "Oh yes, fuck!" You decide.

- A mustached George Clooney does the goofy European commercial thing.

- In the UK, Nike has stopped selling its Mike Air Stab trainer after an upswing in knife murders.

- Digitas The Third Act Christine Beardsell talks about how integration has changed and how branded content fits into the changing media landscape.

- Obama will spend $5 million during NBC's Olympic coverage.

- Steve Biegel opens his mouth. Will anyone hire him?

- Wanna track your sex life Web 2.0-style? Check out Bedpost. Gotta love that name.

- What's former creative dude been up to since the Subway video debacle? Making even more videos.

by Steve Hall    Jul-24-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Celebrity, Spoofs   

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