Diddy Burger King Ad Discriminates Against Fat People


Wait, what? Is Diddy, P. Diddy, Puffy or whatever the hell he's now calling himself still a musician or has he completely sold out to marketers? It certainly seems so because the only place the guy seems to appear anymore is in commercials. Now he's doing one for Burger King in which his cartoonish, self-important, overinflated ego is on full display.

When asked by Burger King's "CEO" to help with a campaign to tell People Burger King is open late, Diddy pompously replies, "Tell 'em Diddy said BK is open late." Yea, dude, that's it. And with a sly look over his shades, Diddy turns on the television showing the "CEO" a news report of people, who have seemingly turned into lemming-like BK addicts, charge a Burger King restaurant...which is open late.

Apart from the ridiculousness of Diddy, there's another major problem with this spot. Like recent commercials from Verizon and Snickers which were banned for overstepping lines drawn in the sand by various cause groups and other humorless retards, there are no fat people in this commercial. Everyone knows fat people eat at Burger and, dammit, they should have proper representation in the brand's ads. Someone call a cause group!

by Steve Hall    Jul-29-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Bad, Celebrity, Creative Commentary   

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Well, thatís pretty much how Combs does advertising. He is the concept. And there are plenty of advertisers willing to buy it. Not sure why.

Posted by: Diddy or Didn'ty on July 29, 2008 1:47 PM