'Smart Show' Returns for a Second Season


With a bitty boost from Digitas, the Holiday Inn Express launched the second season of The Smart Show, a semi-dorky, sponsor-heavy web series about business travel.

The site went live today. In the debut episode, host Henry Dittman -- who looks like an early Bob Saget -- asks strangers what their dream job would be. Then he reveals Condy Rice's fantasy calling, and in a random turn of events proceeds to sell us on the merits of virtual personal assistants with DSL lips.

The season was co-produced by Digitas' new brand content arm, The Third Act. Supplemental additions to the campaign include a blog and the Need-O-Meter, which I guess searches old episodes, blog posts and user-input "needs" for what you're looking for. I don't really get the connection to Holiday Inn (unless they plan to meet those needs on your next hotel visit), but then again, it's 2am.

by Angela Natividad    Jul- 8-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Online, Sponsorship   

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