Stamp Out Fun Where It Lives -- Right in the Pancreas! Or the Liver.


Roller skates + ethnic noisemakers = Extreme Clothing Volatility. That's one life lesson I learned at NOLAF (the National Organization for Legislation against Fun), our latest source of advertainment.

NOLAF may sound cheesy and unoriginal (HANDTOSS, anyone?), but it works perfectly as an undemanding time-waster. Here are five reasons why.

- Liberal use of awkward people with somber, quietly miserable expressions.
- Moon boots.
- This scornful geriatric.
- Angry men that run like pansies.
- NO STUPID BRAND-UNVEIL DATES! We don't have to check back in 2010 to find out who the sponsor was. NOLAF doesn't care if you never come back; it's got nothing to prove besides its own fanatical disdain for laughter.

So what's it advertising? Dario Meli of Invoke Media puts it this way: "If this isn't a Tostitos promotion, I'll eat my hat."

You'll get a peek-a-boo glimpse of some Tostitos munchery sometime between a scorned red ball and the moon boot. The chips fit right in without taking away from NOLAF's quirky charm. Element 79, the agency responsible, did an awesome job. Seriously. Check us out, all gushy and whatnot.

by Angela Natividad    Jul-10-08   Click to Comment   
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