New '90210' Won't Screen For Critics, Media


When a movie chooses not to preview for critics, it's almost a foregone conclusion the movie will be bad. Hopefully, that isn't the case with The CW's 90210 which has also decided not to screen the show for advertisers or the media.

"Classic" 90210 was a good show...for the first few years. Over time, it got worse but people kept watching. All the way through the cast's high school years, their college years and the first few years of their "real world" life. The cast became like Twitter friends. No matter how mundane their lives were, you simply couldn't turn of the "weekly update." It was an unhealthy addiction.

A few of the old 90210 characters will return in various "grown up" forms of their "classic" 90210 lives including Jennie Garth. The rest of the cast will consist of mostly unkown but deliciously hot newcomers. Who knows what the new 90210 will be like. One does hope for success because who doesn't love to vicariously live through the pampered, wealthy lives of others every once in a while? We'll all know whether or not its worth is once the show debuts September 2.

by Steve Hall    Aug-19-08   Click to Comment   
Topic: Television   

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