USA Network's 'Burn Notice' Seeks Emmy Notice With Black Light Mailer


Who says Twitter is a worthless web 2.0 time waster with absolutely no redeeming value? Were it not for Twitter, USA Network's Burn Notice would have thereby depriving many (well, at least one) of its many enjoyable aspects; a local native gone Hollywood, the dude from those horrifically campy Evil Dead movies, Sharon Gless who rocked the 80's with Cagney & Lacey and the adorable-turned-impossibley-hot Gabrielle Anwar. Oh, and then there's the plot which, well, doesn't really matter because these four actors would be good in anything.

Because its creators think its deserving, a campiagn was launched to hype the show for Academy of Television Arts and Sciences judges, Created by Bolder Colorado-based TDA ADVERTISING & DESIGN, 14,000 "FYC" (For Your Consideration) kits were mailed out printed in invisible ink.

The release describes the work thusly: "Each slip-covered, 3-panel, hardcover kit holds a UV flashlight and the instructions, 'Steps: 1. Use this flashlight to reveal hidden text. 2. Deny you ever used this flashlight.' Across all three panels, no other words or images are visible, except under black light--at which point photographs of the lead actor and supporting actress, a list of six potential 'Drama Series' Emmy nominations, and four press blurbs come into view. Also, tucked into a slot are 4 DVDs with this season's 12 episodes, plus written synopses."

It's interesting but one has to wonder with all the solicitations Academy judges receive, if requiring even the least bit of work to understand the message could, perhaps, cause the message to be simply missed by some. That said, the piece is far more interesting than your standard list of press blurbs from critics.

Another version of the mailer can be seen here.

by Steve Hall    Aug-18-08   Click to Comment   
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