Because Politics Can Get Dirty, So Can Las Vegas


OK. Having recently been in Las Vegas, this new campaign caught my eye and made me laugh knowingly at its wit and complete lack of attempting to make the city appear to be anything other than what it truly is: Disney for grownups.

Latching on to the Presidential election, the press release asks, "Tired of all the 2008 presidential election hype? The nastiness and innuendo? The half-truths and naked lies?" And answers, "We're not either. We're good with naked. And in Las Vegas, our 'polls' tend to have half-dressed women hanging from them." Not sugar coated at all and that's to be appreciated.

In line with this thinking, is launching Crapshoot08, "a multichannel initiative with advertising, guerilla marketing and an online component giving discounts and free political Crapshoot '08 swag to customers launching Wednesday, Oct. 1 and running through the Nov. 4 elections."

In support of the campaign, bumper stickers will read, "VEGAS: Because you need to be drunk to make it through this election" along with ads which will appear in LA Weekly. A video component will launch October 2. So that's how Vegas handles politics. They're like, you know, a bother so why not distract ourselves from them for a while. After all, that's what Vegas is goof for, distracting yo to the point you forget whatever reality there once was when you stepped off the plane and entered sin city.

by Steve Hall    Sep-29-08   Click to Comment   
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